Video wargaming

T’is Friday night and Joe and I have finally had a game of SAGA. But wait, it is during lockdown!! Well we used the power of the internet. Joe video called me and using my ipad I opperated the camera to show him the gaming table as we dueled it out over a game of Age of Hannibal which is the newest entry for SAGA in this edition at time of writing.

So to talk through our thoughts on it and a brief chat about the game. We are planning a podcast soon so we will talk more about it then. I set up at table and models for both armies. Joe sent me a list for his Iberians which included 12 cav warriors, 12 slinger warriors, a unit of levy with pointy throwy stick, spoiler alert Joes levy are supermen, he rounded it out with two eight man warrior units. I selected Gauls of the shelf, I used a point of hearthguard in chariots, a point of levy with bows and the rest of the points go into warrior blobs. I sent a few shots to Joe and he advised where he wanted them. this was a roughly even spread with classic fort Joe based on some rocky ground.

The game was as back and forth as is normall between me and Joe, Highlights involve a Heroic charge of Joes cavalry that would have made the Theoden proud going all in on one of my beefed up warrior blobs. The retaliation as the Gauls push forward on mass making good use of the Gaulish wave option and aggressive combats punishing the Iberians who are exellent at counter play. Joe is master of the move having honed his skills with Spanish, apart from suicide charges with his warlord who made a fateful attack on what looked like weakened chariots.

The Game involves a lot of running round for the host and a lot of puzzled moments and trying to see for the person on the other end of the camera. My thoughts on this as as follows. Firstly I would like to say I was not looking forward to the prospect of a camera game, while I enjoy my games with Joe I felt this robbed something from the experience. However I must confess I rather enjoyed it and would consider a rematch. I do though maintain that the real thing is much better.

So. good practice for those of you thinking of trying this and I hope you do, we all need the joy gaming can bring right now. Space, make as much as you can, the host will be running round like a wet hen. move chairs etc to give yourself a clear run. We don’t want any slips, trips or falls. For the host try to get the best camera angles and show your opponent as much as possible at all times, including dice rolls and the board layout, have both boards set up and sice or markers on both to show the abilities and other tokens. To the viewer, ask questions constantly. make sure you keep a note of the dice in play too as you can’t just glance at the board. Remember to show the objectives on the screen, if its kill points show the dead pile too so both opponents know where they are. Mainly though it goes to communication. Oh and have fun too.

Would recommend trying this with a friend. hopefully we will be casting next weekend all being well so we will discuss this then. Hope all is well and take care of yourselves.

By Jim

I spent most of my days on building sites involved in and around brickwork. I've recently been following my passion for history and decided to jump in fully by starting university in my 30's.

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