Just thought I would put an update on here as I know it has been quiet of late. EXAM on the 8th of June is taking the bulk of my time at the moment and a large assignment which I have just completed.

Well next week all being well there will be battle reports to, well report on.

Joe and Chris will hopefully be popping round for some saga action. Not only face to face but indoors too. Luxury. I plan to put some pics on here and no doubt Joe will film the action for his YouTube channel.

Regarding the hobby, Joe has been hard at work making some terrain for various systems including a very thematic covid church and some crop fields

Using the plastic casings from the lateral flow covid test as window arches. Joe here demonstrating how every cloud has a silver lining. Some useful recycling too

I have been working on some Numidians to go with the my growing Gaulish and Romans. Just a few more riders left to add. Oh how I do not like painting cavalry. I was going to put a Carthage for up next but I can’t help but look at Iberians.

I have also been working on my ever growing 6mm collection with some wars of the roses Yorkist soldiers (I shall be representing the forces of Lancaster next) these are some shire units backed up by mercenary pikes mounted men at arms and light guns. I hope to be able to get enough ready for September 23rd for the battle of blore heath anniversary and I shall refight it.

I also have spared a few minutes to work on the navy for my victory at sea fleets. Mainly Royal navy and Kriegsmarine at the moment with elements of the US fleet and imperial Japanese. I plan to add Italians as they had some wonderful ships and the French.

I’ve signed up for Chalk Valley History Festival which at the time of writing is still going ahead as planned June 23-27. Will probably be somewhat more covid aware than normal but at least we get to go this year. If anyone else is in attendance shout out.

Looking forward to the events that are building up slowly this year with UK grand melee and our own Northern tempest event at Boards and swords hobbies in Derby. Still 4 tickets left as I write this so if you are thinking of attending please do. Will be grand to have you with us.

That’s it for this. Hope to see people soon and as always take care.

By Jim

I spent most of my days on building sites involved in and around brickwork. I've recently been following my passion for history and decided to jump in fully by starting university in my 30's.

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