A Proper game at last

After tea was made, cake and biscuit has been issued. We have a game of SAGA using the ambush rule.

The Game was Ambush using the saga book of battles. This senario forced the opponents to decide whether to attack each other or attempt to steal the loot from the baggage train as it makes its way across the middle of the board. neither armies are deployed initialy but move on in the first turn. the baggage train is under neutral control essentialy and is rolled for at the start of each players turn to see how far it moves. The game is five turns long and is won by survival points with each loot token being worth 6 points.

Joe was fielding his Liberians with 5 points of warriors and a points of levy. He divided them up as follows. 12 warriors with slings, 2 units of 8 warriors on foot, 12 levy javelins and 8 mounted warriors

Chris opted for 3 points of warriors and 2 points-of levy. He also added an elephant called Dave. He set out his forces as 3 units of 8 warriors and 2 units of 12 levy.

Joe begins his turn with a rapid advance causing fatigue among his units. He then exchanged his fatigue for guerrilla tokens using the second wind ability and took a shot at the baggage cart. he managed to score 1 hit which the cart had to use fatigue to block.

As Chris began to place dice for his turn and planned his assault he knew he would have to strike fast.

Chris moving his pondering heavy troops on to face Joe

Commencing his turn with an implacable advance Chris attempts to intercept the train which Joe’s fast moving units are closing in on. At the same time he keeps his formation. For this effort he takes fatigue across his units

Joe begins turn 2 as the baggage moved forwards. Joe opts to launch a surprise attack. He attacked the baggage cart which proved to be a crafty opponent and blocked the attack causing some harm to the Iberians. He then tried to shoot the baggage in an act of revenge. Nothing Joe could do would score him hits though. Adding insult to injury the baggage moved forward and put fatigue on him.

Chris began as ever with implacable advance and began his own shooting on the baggage cart. Failing to hit he then moved up his warriors to attack trying to rest them as he goes.

The table as we go to turn 3

Turn 3 starts with Joe going deep into the think tank. He decides to rest his warriors and then charge with his mounted warriors. However, the mighty baggage cart sends him packing with casualties. Another attack exhausts the baggage but sends Joe off with yet more blood spilled. Finally the baggage went down to mass volleys and the warlord dispatched the levy to collect the spoils.

Having rewarding himself with a cake. Joe sits down as Chris begins his turn with another unfortunate roll on the saga dice scoring no rares again. The baggage lumbers forward and Chris decideds to attack Joe’s cavalry with javelins. He missed the first attack and launches a second but Joe manages to save the attacks. Chris then uses implacable advance to move forces up in a blocking action and to shoot the baggage which he later charges causing exhaust. The Greeks goes in for a final attack with another unit of warriors but the baggage hangs on beating back yet more brave warriors as it lumbers on with its cargo. The warlord advances and orders the levy to charge. Finally he prevails.

By the end of turn 3 both side had claimed baggage at a heavy cost.

Joe begins turn 4 eyeing up the baggage Chris had just won. Again Joe spends some time in the think tank as he plans a perfect strike. The Iberians go on the attack against Chris with mass shooting and then into combat with an ambush (sort of) and killed 6 for no loss, stealing the treasure and taking a cake in celebration.

As Joe uses like shadows to protect himself. Chris plots revenge. He begins by charging in with his elephant called Dave. Joe uses a token to reduce the number of attack dice joe using his tokens to gain massive attack dice numbers. Joe loses 3 warriors and the treasure but the elephant is now exhausted and vulnerable. Chris again uses implacable advance to move his levy forward for shooting but hit nothing. More shooting at Joe yields nothing for Chris. Aware he is pressed for time he activates warriors to move up in protection of his elephant in an attempt to guard his treasure. He moves his warlord up and “we obey” his levy to poke the elephant but no avail.

In this scenario, turn 5 will be the last turn. Joe considers his moves carefully noting that Chris has wall of spears on his board. He uses his bait ability to gain 8 gorilla tokens he rests his unit of warriors and goes in for a charge. This kills 3 levy and Joe saves the return attacks. He then moves his warlord. He uses soliferum to take his tokens to 10, he launches an attack on Chris’s elephant and kills it. The mad pain rule slays 1 Greek and 2 Liberians


Chris begins his turn 5. He has not rolled a single rare die this game

Chris begins by activating his levy with a die. Joe uses a token to grab some loot. He then charges his warlord into the last remaining baggage cart but fails to kill it. Another attack sees the baggage cart exhausted. The game is called here as Chris cannot win. He only has enough at attack on unit and joe can easily counter the move with his tokens. The game is a win to the Liberians who hold two loot counters.

This was a tight game and I have to say it was a joy to both record and document. In addition to this there will also be a YouTube video of the game and we shall mention it in the podcast. I hope you all enjoyed and I would love to get some feedback on anything you would like to see going forward.

By Jim

I spent most of my days on building sites involved in and around brickwork. I've recently been following my passion for history and decided to jump in fully by starting university in my 30's.

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Sounds like a blast! Ambush is a fun scenario and certainly messes with standard battle plans. I look forward to the podcast and video!!

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