A tournament at last.

On this fine Sunday on the 4th day of July we met at boards and swords to roll dice and test our skills against each other. saddly one member was not able to attend due covid isolation and we spare a thought for how frustrating that must have been.

To comply with the current rules we spilt into two pods of 6 having capped the event at 12 seeing as the date for the restrictions being lifted was pushed back.

Players getting started. Pod 1 by the windows and pod two closest

With a nice spread of factions with all six being represented there were two players for Greeks, Gauls, Romans and Iberians. Three for Carthage and one fine chap playing Numidians. The Games would be in order Clash of warlords, Feasting and pillaging then sicilian truce to conclude. We also enjoyed a pizza each for dinner.

Looking down over the shop section of the venue

I thought I would share some of the numbers for the people interested in the factions. I should say that there was only one Numidian player who took a balanced list over an optimised one. also that there was 2 pods. had we been able mix and a greater pool for matchups may have produced significantly different results. Plus it should be noted that some players have not been able to get games in due to the pandemic.

My single warriors absolutely refusing to go down quietly.

So first of all I shall start with the results. The victor of pod one was Jed playing Carthage with 14 points. second was our own Joe with his Iberians on 12 points and third on score difference was Mark with his Iberians also on 12 points. In pod two the winner was Andy with Gauls with 18 points. second was Richard M and his Greeks with 12 points and 3rd on differece was Sam with Carthage also on 12 points.

Looking at each round. Clash of warlords saw Greeks scoring highest overall shortly followed by Iberians. Feasting and pillage favoured Carthage with Iberians again a close second. Finally our Sicilian truce scenario saw Greeks and Carthage neck and neck on the top spot with Romans just below.

Chris gets free acupuncture from his pikes

Looking at the lists that came in there was in total 13 points of hearth guard, 43 points of warriors, 11 points of levy, and 5 elephants for the mercenaries option 2 Greek players opted for Samnites, 1 Roman player opted for Cretan archers and 2 of the Carthage players took Thureophoroi in their lists and all of their opponents enjoyed their attempt to pronounce it. Kudos to them for achieving this goal.

Andy about to delete some Numidians

On closer inspection. Carthage was represented by 3 players. All 3 brought a single elephant to the party and 1-2 points of hearth guard. Warriors were a mix with Jed bringing 4 points Sam taking 3 and Colin opting for 2. given standings perhaps the more the merrier. Jed and Sam both opted for Thureophoroi (which as I type it I realise I could have copied and pasted.).

Joe in action vs Carthage

For Gauls Andy took 3 points of Hearth guard, three points of warriors and a point of levy. He also wins the Jim award (which after this I’m going to make a thing) for the best presented list. Very neat and clear to read. Not sure on the other Gaulish player who shall not be named as there was no list written but I believe it was 2 points of Hearth guard 3 points of warriors and a point of levy. Neither opted for mercenaries.

Iberians took 1 point of levy each and then filled the remaining places with warriors. Nice and simple

Rome which included the drafted in spare player who took an Iberian build of 5 points of warriors and a point of levy. And Dan who took 2 points of hearth guard. 3 points of warriors, a point of levy and some certain archers.

For the Greeks Chris’s took a point of hearth guard 3 points of warriors and 2 points of levy from the Epirote list. He also opted for some Samnites. Richard opted for Italiotes also bringing a single point of hearth guard backed up with 4 points of warriors, a point of Levy and some Samnites.

Finally our single entrant for Numidian. Took a very balanced list and was may I say a Joy to play. 2 points of warriors 2 points of levy and 2 Elephants. I also play Numidian and enjoy 4 points of warriors a point of levy and a single elephant.

Well that’s it for the breakdown in its written format. We hope to record a podcast soon where we will discuss the games and what we thing of the lists we took and what we played against. Thank you for reading if you made it this far. Was a Joy to see those who turned up. A fantastic day and I managed to get myself an Italian fleet from the wonderful store that is part of Boards and swords.

By Jim

I spent most of my days on building sites involved in and around brickwork. I've recently been following my passion for history and decided to jump in fully by starting university in my 30's.

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