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The update, Caernarfon castle and Thor’s cave

Off on a Jolly in the air around Caernarfon Castle

This month had been rather slow on the saga front I must confess. Following the successful event that Joe ran at the start of the month, I’ve been touring some of the local(ish) venues for various games including Asgard in Walsall to which I was very impressed with. Here some of the former warlords of Walsall club along with Stafford chaps meet for war machine and other games. The venue also has a cafe with table service.

I also attended a Malifaux tournament at Sanctuary games’s new venue. This was also a very nice gaming hall with a small shop and drinks a plenty. It is also situated right next to Wetherspoons on the edge of the town centre so food is readily available. I managed a 9th place finish and Best in faction which I has happy with as this was only my second tournament ever.

We have also managed to get a few games in to prepare for the next saga tournament of Sagageddon 1 on the 14th of August at Justplay in Liverpool. Would be nice to see people there.

First of the Games was myself and my Carolingians, which I’m trying, vs Joe and his Norse Gaels, which he is getting frighteningly good with. We decided on the Ambush scenario and sadly for me I had to go first. My side’s shooting was good and my blobs of troops were a serious threat. Joe had flexibility on his side and some seriously dangerous abilities to use when things got close. The game swung on the last turn. I made a strong but costly move to gain the contested objective then joe sliced through the defences in his turn to take it back and win.

Joe and Chris also managed to get a game in, Joe returned with his gaels and Chris brought the fearsome Welsh to the table. In version one of the game Chris was a regular Norse gael player and was very good with them too. This would be an interesting match.

An aggressive game where welsh shooting would hurt the Gaels lack of shooting defence.

I have also been for a trip out to Caernarfon as part of My girlfriend’s mission to fly everything. This time a Helicopter, we flew over the surrounding countryside to get a look at the mountains, Anglesey and the Castle.

Anglesey. The Mother of Wales, a small yet incredibly important isle where I spent much of my childhood.
I tagged along with my good lady on her helicopter lesson to get a few shots of the castle.

Caernarfon is a beast of a castle that I have had the joy to visit on many occasions and would absolutely recommend a visit. Construction commenced on the castle in 1283 and was ordered by Edward the 1st. He hired James of st George (Strong name there, up with Maximus Maximus in my opinion) at the cost of £25,000. In todays money that is around £17,351,735 which at the time could also by 29,411 horses. Which is as many as I feel I have painted in the last two months.

Some work being done on the Kings Gate. A fearsome entry point with arrow slits and holes above to pour heated sand onto attackers.

This Castle was part of a chain of strongholds intended to dominate north Wales, particularly the Snowdonia region. Welsh warriors were excellent at gorilla war which they used over pitched battle. English soldiers could not afford to be forever running round mountain trails and forests having pointy spears thrown at them all day long. This was part of the solution. If only we could use that in SAGA, I may have beaten Chris.

The month concluded with a trip to the inspiring Thor’s cave in the manifold valley. Located just off the old railway lines this impressive cav has been the home and shelter for people dating back 10,000 years

A steep walk to the top but worth it for the views

There is some question over the name. Thors cave could also have been a mistake and the original name could have been Tor cave which would make more sense. However I personally prefer the current name which sits well with it’s mighty scale.

I also managed to get two games of SAGA in with Chris in the evening. I decided to give the Carolingians a go. Chris took Welsh and we played the desecration scenario from the Rule book

We set up for game one. Tea is a must for any war game.

The game started ok for the Carolingians and a well placed strike was about to prepare the way for the battle plan of whittling them down to proceed. However activation reactions in plentiful supply were the bane of this plan as each attack was massacred before it could hit. The Welsh doing far more damage than expected killing 5/6 hearth-guard in my opening move with our land on a mounted warrior unit from the back lines.

This resulted in no move being available without a deadly counter move so the game was over in 25 minutes and the Carolingians wiped out. Game 2 was a little closer having dropped the mounted hearth-guard for foot. However this created a standoff. Although I managed the get more of the welsh troops into comfy graves. The end result was very much the same leaving Chris the victor against both myself and Joe this month

By Jim

I spent most of my days on building sites involved in and around brickwork. I've recently been following my passion for history and decided to jump in fully by starting university in my 30's.

2 replies on “The update, Caernarfon castle and Thor’s cave”

Beautiful photos! I have always been interested in trying Saga. This inspires me. Seeing the historical locations is a bit difficult from across the pond at the moment.

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Saga is a very rewarding game to get into. I also find it very easy both in cost and learning time. I’m putting a 6 point army together this week. From store to painted at a tournament and it’s cost me £30 total. $41 I think


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