Age of Invasions battle report.

It was Saturday evening and Chris and I met for a game of saga from the new Age of invasions book. We decided to keep things simple and play clash of warlords. I used Sassanids and took for my 6 points a warlord with cataphract armour and 2 points of hearthguard also with cataphract armour. 3 points of warriors with composite bows which I divided into small unitsmto cover board space and annoy Chris with bowfire. I finished the list with an elephant. Chris took 2 points of hearthguard which he deployed as 2 units of 4 he also took 3 points of warriors in 2 units of 12, one of which had a banner. This was to take advantage of the Franciscas rule for as long as possible. He rounded the list off with some bow levy.

I won the dice roll to go first. I generated my 3 SAGA dice and manovered up. I moved my hearthguard a little further and played an orders reaction in Christ’s turn to remove the fatigue. Chris began by triggering his show of force ability which allows him to place 3 markers and remove them as he wins combats. He then advanced cautiously and getting his levy into cover with his blocks behind the large terrain piece. he activated to shoot twice killing 3 warriors.

Chris set up a defencive position, i tried and early push to disrupte his plans.

For my second turn I rolled baddly on the saga dice. I used an order that gave a unit with composite bows regular bows and the Determination special rule. I used this to shoot chris who cancelled 3 dice with a shooting reaction and took no damage. I decided to risk it and push early with the elephant taking full advantage of an activation abilty that allows me to cause damage to units within S. saddly not killing anything. Then charged in rolling 5 1’s on the charge. yay, this concluded my second turn.

Have a plan and stick to it

Jim before forgetting his plan
Nellie wanted to say hello

Chris used determination to move his warlord and then triggered an ability to move or rest 3 units. He decided to rest 2 units and activate his third for a move. He also used moment of doubt to reduce the armour of my elephant by 1 for his first melee. He then shot 3 warriors killng all of them and charged and killed the elephant, again using Mund to take no damage in return. My dice had been horrid so far but next turn they would give me a glimpse of hope.

My options were limited so attack was the answer. I charged a unit of warriors with my warlord killing 3 and then we obeyed the cav behind me to move and shoot killing another, things were looking good thus far. I then ordered my hearthguard to move up and charge killing 3 more. Not enough to drop a saga dice from the pool but was an improved turn for sure. I concluded with a hit and run attack with another cav unit doing no damage.

My hearthguard and warlord with their cataphract armour proved to be hard to deal with for the Franks

Chris began his 3rd turn with a move of the warlord and triggered frankish peoples for moves and rests activations. he then opened fire with his levy on my warriors getting 3 hits killing none. he then shot again but to no avail. My sassanid horses fear no bows.

My turn 4 I ordered my warriors to swap their composite bows for regular ones and shoot into chris small unit of warriors in terrain, I denied them cover and gained a plus one to hit and them a minus on with a combination of abilities however I hit once which chris saved. I then charged with my 8 hearthguard into chris’s 4, I hit 6 times out of 16 and killed none, Chris had 4 attacks back killing 2. Sassanids can punish units hidden in terain with their board. I feel a big unit here with the 2 abilities to shoot and regular bows (from the orders ability) to grant them the range would be very powerful.

Chris began turn 4 with a fully stacked board, he shot at my warriors 3 times and took them below a saga dice. then ended his turn. This could be problematic. Franks are a pain to beat like this. They remind me a lot of first edition anglo saxons that had a few mean abilities always left ready to go.

The battle gets tense

I sent my warriors forward to shoot but did not manage to hit anything at all. I sent another unit up which also failed to hit. I then charged my 6 hearthguard into his 3 killing 2 of them for the loss of 1. Chris had played mund which is just a fantastic ability. Those of you wishing to try Franks will enjoy the board.

Chris’s turn 5 he moved up a unit of hearthguard. charged for free and used an ability to gain no fatigue after the combat. He attacked a unit of warriors killing all of them for no loss.

I started my last turn with some shooting which did no damage, i charged my hearthguard into chris’s warriors killing 1 from 12 atacks and then charged his hearthguard with the same unit as he used all my fatigue killing 1 more.

In the end the big Frankish units proved too much as did some of their amazing abilities.

Chris had the last turn to claim victory for the franks. he used momentum to transfere his markers from earlier to 3 units giving them determination and plus one bonus in melee. He then rested 3 unit with frankish people. he used determination on hearth guard to rest and then on levy to shoot. The warlord then told them to shoot again killing all but 2 warriors. The hearthguard then charged with a dice to finish them off. he used mund to stop me getting any attacks. he then used the same unit to charge and kill my warlord. and then attacked my hearthguard killing another one and winning the game.

Our final thoughts. We both enjoyed the game very much. Chris was happy with his build. Having played the Sassanids now I feel there build is a rather unique one in SAGA. While they are all mounted with composite bows they dont feel like a skirmish faction. They feel very much like a list that can control the table would be the better build. Having pondered this theory i shalll be trying them again veery shortly in the following build. My warlord shall be in his cataphract armour with 2 points o f hearthguard also as cataphracts. I shall try the elephant again although I am considering a point of levy with bows. I shall then take 3 point of warriors split into 2 units of 10 and a unit of 4. I will include a unit into one of the warrior units as well. I feel this will allow better use of the abilities that want to focus on one unit at a time. While another rests.

Should hopefully be able to get a game at home tomorrow. I would like to try this new build but I am also looking at the Hun board hungrily. My gf has selected the Goth board as she played them with some success in the last edition. Joe has opted to try the Romans first to see how they have changes. So many options so little time. There should also be a podcast soon where we gather to discuss our findings.

Thanks for reading.

By Jim

I spent most of my days on building sites involved in and around brickwork. I've recently been following my passion for history and decided to jump in fully by starting university in my 30's.

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