Second battle report for Age of invasion

I managed to secure a second game of SAGA Age of invasions with my Good lady who opted for Ostrogoths. Collette has played them before in the first version and likes the fatigue mechanic which allows her to be more agressive. Her build was as follows, She took a mounted warlord with cataphract armour, 2 points of Hearthguard which she formed into a single unit also with cataphract armour. 3 points of warriors. 2 points mounted 1 point on foot. finally a point of bow levy.

My build for this saw me returning to the Sassanids, I again opted for a warlord and 2 points of hearthguard in Cataphract armour. 3 points of warriors in 2 units of 10 and a unit of 4 and then an elephant to finish the list. I really see Sassanids as wanting to eastablish good board control. They do not feel like a hit and run faction. I feel they want to get a large unit of bows into good position to bait units in for a charge with something bigger such as the elephant or the cataphracts or even the warlord. Cataphract armour is good for taking away the fear of ranged assaults. I find the reduced movement is counted by activating to charge as much as possibe.

The first turn saw me advance with caution and Collette charge forward and nearly take a unit off.

The first turn started with careful manovers on both sides. Having 3 saga dice and knowing how agressive Collette plays I hung back a little. Collette moved everything forwards then charged my warriors killing 4 and losing 2 in response.

I opened my second turn ordering my warriors to shoot the invaders, my warlord then charged killing all but one warrior and my hearthguard moved into finish the job which had the added bonus of putting fatigue on her levy. My warriors on the right opened fire on her Hearthguard with their bows and determination triggered from their orders ability. with extra dice I managed 6 hits. Happy with that until collette shrugged and rolled 6 6’s to save them all. (she does this a lot and her dice are not loaded)

Just another standard roll for Collette. I’ve checked the dice but they are not loaded.

Collette went to charge the warriors on the right flank but I triggered ahriams curse, this killed a model and limited their move to S meaning i was safe for now. She also shot my hearthguard killing 1 and moved her reserves up to threaten me. I began my turn 3 giving my right unit bows and determination again, sending my hearthguard after her foot warriors and shooting 3 times at her hearthguard killing 2 out of 15 shots. A mix of the cataphract armour, The ability Gratia which gains 2 defence dice which you get a bonus to if you have fatigue and Collette’s good rolls.

Collette’s turn 3 saw her move some and then go after my warriors with her hearthguard, I used Flames of Atar again but she powered through using the Resolve activation that means I could neither slow her unit with the fatigue she had or use it against her in the following melee and killed 7 warriors on the charge for no loss. This left things looking like a crushing victory for the Goths at the half way point.

I should probably kill those warriors.

Collette just before killing those warriors.

My turn 4 I decided to use my position to strike hard and level the scores. Sassanids don’t play chess as it were they play draughs as I see it. The positioning on the board allows some good chain reactions which my hearthguard would be able to take advantage of. first charging the foot warriors hidden behind the wood and then being in a position to charge the hearthguard after killing both, My elephant also moved up and was able to charge the Goth warlord killing him. this swung the game heavily back into my favour and reducing collette to 2 saga dice

The final two turns involved me resting and Collette chipping a few models off here and there, I attacked the last of her horse warriors but that was mainly it. The Goths hit hard early on but the early aggression was paid for later on as the cataphract cav showed its strenth. The sassanids can support them well with abilities that provide both armough and extra dice.

Well thats another game done with the Sassanids, I feel this build was better than the first with more controll over the game. I feel this is enough but I shall try with some levy next time allowing me to clear out the terrain as despite Ahrimans curse it is still a relative safe zone. The goths are hard to deal with when you first encounter them because fatigue is their friend. They have some fantastic abilities on their board which are made stronger the more tired they get. this encourages multiple combats or long charges as Collette showed turn 1 barrelling across the field. Not something you would normally do. But with rerolls, extra dice and auto hits the goths love fatigue. A good tactic against them is to keep your own army fresh to stop them from useing eye of the hurricane.

Thank you for reading. we should be recording in the next few days once Joe had finished looking at modern history stuff. ( He has been making me jealous as he is at Bovington tank museum today.) until then take care.

By Jim

I spent most of my days on building sites involved in and around brickwork. I've recently been following my passion for history and decided to jump in fully by starting university in my 30's.

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