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A dicey topic

Greetings friends, this post is aimed mainly at new and interested in SAGA although veteran SAGA players may of course join in and comment should they desire. The opinion is always welcome and can help to build hobby communities. For the purpose of this post, I shall be debating the value of the SAGA dice…

SAGA: Age of Alexander.

With the new book will be out in October. If you haven’t seen the trailer here is a link. I thought I would offer a few thoughts without giving away any spoilers. I rather enjoyed looking over the battle boards and the few test games we had. I would like to thank the good…

The Grand Melee

The dust has settled and we three are back home with lots to consider. we enjoyed all our games playing many factions, some for the first time (at least in this addition) I would like to thank all my opponents for the great games enjoyed. Tom Brinkman, Andy Parker, Mark “The champ” Birch, Richard Malpas…

Salute 2021

A little later in the year than the normal spring date, Salute is at last here in November. Salute is Britains big war games show of the year held at the massive excel centre in London’s docklands and is run by South London Warlords. A place where good from all over the globe once arrived…


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