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Bosworth Medieval festival

On the 20th August 2022, I attended the yearly Medieval festival held at Bosworth Battlefield Heritage and country park, sadly absent for the last two years due to Covid not making it practical. The event I feel, is very well organised with clear areas and signage, there is also a tannoy system that keeps the […]

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Castle watch :If walls could talk.

I have often thought that cities are great places to have nothing to do. So while accompanying my good lady to a work conference i was able to just amble round London for the day. I opted to visit one of the most famous castles in the country, The Tower of London. This building has […]


Royal Armouries Leeds

Having finished my exams yesterday, I decided on a day out to clear my thoughts. I have wanted to visit The Royal armouries for some time and now that I have some more free time having completed my university course. I decided to make the quick trip across the Pennines to see what all the […]

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Castle watch. Harlech castle

Today I have mostly been…. Driving round Wales seeking castles from land and aerial views. I thought it would be nice to share with the group. First stop was Caernarfon airport where a helicopter awaited for a flight around the Menai straits. Looking at castles from above always helps to appreciate the majestic dominance they […]


A new adventure

During this lockdown I have made a decision to begin a new project. One that has been on the back burner for a while, partly due to not being able to go explore historical sites and partly because I have started listening to Gods own scale podcast hosted by my clubmate (Available on most podcast […]