I have recently earned a BA (Hons) History degree from the open university. Although I have spent the bulk of my life in the construction industry I have always had a keen interest in historical matters, I decided to create this site as an addition to the Northern Tempest Podcast of which I am a member and it has evolved since.

I am Based in Staffordshire, deep in the heart of old Mercia and I love to explore (Thus the name) historic sites. I hope to say goodbye to the trowels and diggers and embrace a more academic life using my degree to achieve more.

I will keep the hobby content going that I started with but will also expand into other areas. I may also talk about archery as I am a fan of the longbow of which I own 2 as well as a horse bow.

Finding the little things like old Roman bridges hidden under main roads.

Get in touch

I am always available. If you want to chat about history, books, hobbies, or anything else, don’t hesitate in reaching out.

You can email me at j.joynson@mercianexplorer.com