History vs Hobby

I have Just finished another assignment and as I sit here wondering what to do with the rest of the evening I was pondering the topic of how historical our personal hobby is. I am also enjoying the use of formal text such as I. may I also insert a word contraction, don’t.

Anyway enough of that. people who know will know.

Most of the three persons who read this including myself will have some sort of interest in SAGA and history to some extent as well. so how does it theme what we buy? does it influence you choice of faction? for myself it does somewhat i must say. I themed my anglo-saxons which i had first on a mercian fyrd. I can also say I probably would not play certain factions on the same basis such as Normans.

Fellow Podcaster Joe will always opt for the Spanish choice on a simlar basis which he plays with deadly efficiency. Athough he also enjoys other factions too.

Does this influence your decisions with other systems as well ? I would love to know either in the comments on here or the facebook or Twitter pages.

Thats all, just a short and sweet one. I will hopefully be trying a solo cast soon (we haven’t fallen out I’ve been meaning to do this for ages) it will be a kind of fluff episode? I wish to start talking on the background for the factions in the game as some people do ask this and i have the resources in book for to manage it so why not. it might be fun or i might get shouted off air.

By Jim

I spent most of my days on building sites involved in and around brickwork. I've recently been following my passion for history and decided to jump in fully by starting university in my 30's.

3 replies on “History vs Hobby”

My fascination with historical cultures definitely influences my choice. One of my favorite periods if all time is Britain in the Dark Ages. Saga nails that, of course. No surprise that my first army was “Welsh” – representing the Briton kingdoms desperately trying to hold in in the face of the Anglo-Saxon advance.

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Absolutely it does… my fascination with The Vikings series (even if the show turned to custard later) fueled my keenness to buy more Vikings than I need to play a game of Saga. At that point I had very little knowledge of how the game even worked!

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I keep trying vikings, lots of fun but a tough board to deal
With problems, that show had more holes in than my work socks 😂


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