Northern Tempest presents SAGA world

During November I would like to engage in an experiment and I invite all the readers and their friends to take part. I would dearly love this to be a world wide event. It of course will be free to enter and you can play anywhere getting as many games in as you can. I want this to be as inclusive as is possible so there will be minimal restrictions if any.

We have thousands of worldwide readers. Getting all involved would be amazing

This event will take place during November at any gaming table you can get to. Points are probably best at 6 but if you want to agree with your opponent and use a higher or lower value, that’s fine too. There will be no limit to the number of games you can play and you can use any faction in the current range of books, Age of Vikings, Age of crusades, Age of Hannibal and Age of magic. That includes new friends old enemies sections. You may also use Skraeling’s if you have the board. Age of Invasions should be out by this point and you may use this too. Legendary and merc units as fine as long as your opponent is ok with them. If you do use legendary units let me know. It will be interesting to collect this data.

What I require. Send me the results of your game and the factions used. Scenario would be nice too and any photos you have. Beyond that any details would be nice but not required. You can message me on the Facebook messenger thing or on twitter @NTempest1060 I will have a go at setting up a specific email if enough people require so message me if that’s easier for you.

Let’s see how many factions we can get

What I will be doing, aside from enjoying all the results and hopefully photos is creating a league table. I’ve decided to use saga dice to divide the groups. For example if you submit a result telling me that your Vikings beat up some romans then I will score that using the Viking saga dice and the Roman Dice. There is no reason you have to stick to one army for the month either. If you wish to play Anglo-Saxons one week and Anglo-Danes or Scots the next that is also fine.

I’ll update things so you can see progress

Mixing Age of magic and historical books. I gave this some thought and decided that if both players are happy I seen no reason to say no to this. I would however make a suggestion that the historical player be allowed to take a merc priest as part of his list with the addition that said priest be treated as a sorcerer for the game purpose. This could be seen as the crazy chap who warned this mystical army was approaching and is ready to help fight them.

A shot of Joe’s warlord standing proud

Points wise I am using the following system with I think will keep things competitive. I’ve divided it up into big wins, wins, draws, minor loss and loss. The extra categories mean there is always something to play for, if your losing for example you could still claw it back to a minor loss. Anyways to the points.

My good lady and I enjoy a game or two of an evening

A big win is worth 4 points a win nets 3 points a draw is worth 2 points and a minor loss gets you a point. Should you get completely beaten up you’ll be awarded nothing but a task to get vengeance next time. There will also be the “Jim’s bonus point” ( took ages to think of that name) that is to say a point for killing the warlord BUT and it’s a big but that’s why I used capitals. You only get the point if you kill their warlord with your warlord. (I am trialling this as a potential tie breaker in future events so remember where you saw it first) The JBP however in this sense won’t go to your team score for this event. Instead I will be collecting your most bloodthirsty names for a separate league. Anyway would love to hear your thoughts on this.

This year is going to be a trial event where we can learn what we like and what we don’t. I think it would be good to make this an annual event so please, if you have feed back feel free to share. We will make this a great yearly event for all to share in. there is no prize for the winning dice group but you will get names shouted out for worldwide recognition. This is for the community. This is a hobby coming together to show that people from all over the world from any background can still come together to roll dice and challenge each other in something they enjoy.

Collette’s Goth’s decide that my Sassanid cav need beating up

By Jim

I spent most of my days on building sites involved in and around brickwork. I've recently been following my passion for history and decided to jump in fully by starting university in my 30's.

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