June update

It has been a rather busy month this month. For myself I have had Exams and Joe has been report writing as well as writing out the pack for the upcoming tournament at Boards and Swords. Joe has also now edited the pack in line with covid rules following the decision to delay re opening the nation in order to allow vaccination numbers to catch up. Kudos to Joe for his hard work. We are all looking forward to greeting all those taking part as it has been a while.

Joe has been working on his Iberians, testing new tactics to bamboozle (I decided this was the appropriate term after much debate) his opponents. Chris is plugging away on the Greeks.

Joe finished this new war lady from the Bad Squiddo games line recently

I have now aquired all that I wish for this stage in age of Hannibal. I am able to field 8 points of either Gauls, Numidians or Romans. I have enjoyed using all three but I must confess Gauls are my favourite. Big blocks of angry Gauls battering their way through has its appeal.

My Gauls Romans and Numidian. I have since added some more units to this and have a proper base on order for the elephant as he is borrowing a chariot base for now.

I have also begun a project on Carloingians. I realised that there are some factions that I have hardly encountered. I would be interested to hear other peoples thoughts on this topic. With the amount of options available in SAGA especially when all factions are available. Are there factions you never encounter? I would say Pagan Rus, Polish, and Carolingians are the factions I have seen very little of. In some meta’s these may well be common factions. Would love to hear peoples thoughts.

Trial run of a build taking on Collette’s Scots in a game recently

I continue on my quest to establish a 6mm collection as I begin work on the Lancastrian section of my wars of the roses project. This will start with the forces of James Touchet, lord Audley who was in charge at the battle of Blore Heath located not far from where I live. I will post more on this shortly.

My ever growing fleets for victory at sea have been reinforced by HMS Ark royal for the royal navy and Gneisenau and Tirptz for the kriegsmarine. I really am enjoying this system almost as much as the old one even though i much prefer the flexibility of the 1/3000 scale. This larger scale does allow some loverly models.

Lastly I visited Chalk Valley History festival From Friday 25th to Sunday 27th of June. An excellent venue to which I fully recommend anyone able to go next year. I know I certainly will

This it for this one. I Hope to see some people on the Sunday 4th at Boards and swords. I shall be posting shortly on the chalk valley experience. Thanks again

By Jim

I spent most of my days on building sites involved in and around brickwork. I've recently been following my passion for history and decided to jump in fully by starting university in my 30's.

2 replies on “June update”

I used to play Christi a lot but they are overshadowed by crusaders now and it’s an easy switch. Joe loves his mutts and can be deadly with them, few people do take them here. Will be interesting to see what turns up on Sunday for age of invasions. I’m on admin duty unless we have an odd number so I’ll be posting media all day hopefully


I agree you rarely see Carolingians. We have occasional Pagan Rus armies in our Saga Ohio group, and Poles are probably one of the scarcest. I would add Norse-Gaels to Age of Vikings; Mutts, Mongols, and Milites Christi to Crusades; and everything except Romans from Age of Invasions…haha!

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